Natalie Rochelle- The Brown Girl CEO


I am a firm believer in setting a goal and obtaining it. I am not a person who waits for it to fall in my hand. One of my favorite quotes is "If you never make time for something, you'll never have time for it". I made time in my life to be the woman I wanted to become. The business owner I knew I could be was deep down inside. I was ready for my destiny and was ready to walk in my purpose. Since then, I have been inspiring, encouraging, and coaching female entrepreneurs and young professionals to do the same. With my love for marketing, design, and also servicing the community, I started #BiznessBabeArmy as a platform for the BiznessBabe who needed the resources and encouragement to start and maintain her dream business.

I knew I had to take a stand and a purpose in life. Once I found the tools as being an multi-entrepreneur, I knew I had to give back to my community and to the industry. Now I encourage female entrepreneurs everywhere and help them find the confidence and the strength to start goal setting and using their inner power to succeed at everything in life. Funny thing is, I'm just getting started.