Feminist is starting to be an understatement when it comes to how I have been feeling lately. There is no true definition for feeling as if the societal and cultural rules of how men or women say we are supposed to live our lives is COMPLETE B.S.  

Yes, I am one of those who thinks a woman can do things a man can do when it comes to goals, jobs, work, and certain activities. But I am also a firm believer in letting man be man and letting woman be woman. Not saying that a woman must stay in her place or be a housewife or that men deserve to only be the breadwinners and the authority in the house but, I am saying, everyone DESERVES TO LIVE HOWEVER THE HELL THEY WANT

With that being said, we must stop discrediting and dismissing a person who is living and walking in their purpose. As a Chicago Black Millennial Woman, I have noticed our generation is lost as hell. We are the type to buy a 2007 BMW instead of a 2018 Hyundai because we have to stunt on someone. Or we are the type to dog and hate on another person because they are extremely confident and at peace with life and consider them lame or weird. 

In that same breath, we are the generation who are trying to rebuild and reorganize a Black Wall Street and entrepreneurial mindset across the world. We are the ones who create but also isolate. We thrive off creativity but also critique to the point that art is non-existent. 

Realizing how this culture and society is, as a person who is addicted to building a better platform for women and business or just myself in general, I have begun to realize that I can’t TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER when it comes to whatever I do. 

If someone tells me “no” I have naturally developed an attitude where it sounds like a “yes” to me. As weird as it may sound, what I mean is, when someone devalues you and does not see your worth, that’s a sign that you are truly on the right path because a million no’s can turn into a million yes’s from yourself.  

Society and our culture, men and at times women, have created rules to living your best life and creating a lane for yourself.  

NEWS FLASH HONEY! Ain’t no rules to being you! 

If you pitch an idea or if you start something or mention your life’s journeys and where you want to go now and a man or woman or societal rule tells you can’t do it, TO HELL WITH THEM!  

Don't allow your life to be fenced in by NO’s. Demand yes’s from yourself, from your invested community, and everyone and everything in your life. 

This means to build your confidence and your self-esteem so high that NASA can’t reach you. Create a dream so dope that even you can’t even stunt on you! That even the realist COULD NEVER!  

Over this summer I have studied and researched the finest strategies for success. I have dug deep within myself, with others I valued, and analyzed their means of success and I placed all those tactics on a table and I ATE! 

I loved on myself, my life, my businesses and found what I needed to do. NOT WHAT SOCIETY OR A MAN OR A HATING WOMAN TOLD ME TO DO. This summer has been an overall re-up for what is to come in 2019. I stepped into meetings and consultations with demands, respect, and became an extortionist for my peace and coins.  

My legacy goals are to be a leader in educating women and ESPECIALLY BLACK WOMEN on how to break through those stereotypes and glass ceilings of our culture and society, that women have to accept no when it comes to our lives and our DIVINE RIGHT TO BE WHATEVER IT IS WE WANT TO BE.  

That day is over! Hearing YES all 2018  

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