One of the hardest things to do! Working a 9-5 while also putting in the time to side hustle and build a brand is not a walk in the park. For your business to boom with you still working for corporate will take grind, a mindset change, and strategy. Here is how:                                   

Create a schedule for yourself and for your #BIZNESS

You are going to have to be organized in what you do, Babe. If you do not MAKE time for something, you will NEVER have time for it! You can not expect your life, #bizness, and corporate life to run smoothly if you are organized and together. It will be a mess. Utilize your calendar, reminders, and notifications to schedule in your time to work at your job, to work for your #bizness, and for your daily task. Create separate calendars if you need to. One can be for each aspect of your life: business, personal, work, school, etc. This will allow you to breakdown your task and responsibilities by priority and category. Great calendar apps that can help you are Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, and other great apps on your phone marketplace. Choose the best app for you and your life to keep you on track.

Change your mindset and approach as a full-time worker and entrepreneur

Mentally, you must prepare yourself for your success. You can be a Negative Nancy or think it will be hard and expect it to go well. You must stay optimistic, realistic, and goal-driven to succeed at this. You can not come to your job half-motivated and most importantly you can build an empire off hope. You must be hungry and fierce in your approach to mastering your job and your #bizness. Realize that this will not be easy and for you to get to that point with your business you have continuously wake up with your warrior scars ready to do it all over again. You WILL find those clients/customers. You WILL be able to give that boss your resignation letter and walk completely in your faith as a full-time entrepreneur. But, you cannot get there if your mindset is stuck in thinking it will not happen. Wake up and make the decisions. IT WILL EITHER BE TODAY OR SOMEDAY! Which one is it?

Develop a strategy for a plan of leave or a plan to conquer

Whether you are trying to leave your corporate job or maintain a career while having a #bizness on the side, you must have a strategy to your success. Realize what your life would look like as a full-time employee mastering her job and #bizness. Is that you? If not, realize what your life would be like to be a full-time entrepreneur and what do you have to do or how many clients do you need consistently to finally leave your job. If either one of those is the life you want, you must goal set and plan out that journey. You are working two jobs! Your #bizness and your corporate position. Remember that your work ethic at your current job will be the same work ethic you trickle down in your #bizness.  Yes! It will be tiring, and you may just want to leave and go and be that bad business owner. BUT! Working your corporate job and building an empire can give you the strength, patience, and willpower you need to prepare you for the actual world of entrepreneurship. #NEWSFLASH Babe! You will still be working hard, having responsibilities and answering to a boss (your clients) as an entrepreneur. You may be able to set your own schedule and rules but ultimately you have to WORK for someone for your #bizness to prosper

Make that decision to either be great at it or leave it behind. If you listen to any entrepreneur who left corporate to build their brand, they didn’t just up and leave abruptly. There was a plan in place to make sure that they would still have enough in the bank to walk away from that constant cash flow. You must design the life you live and the life you want. It will not just come to you.  


No one said leaving your job or working a job and building an empire would be easy! Nothing in life comes with ease. If you wake up every day and working for yourself is all you can think about, then you are supposed to be working for yourself! That vision and dream that you have, it's REACHABLE! But, it all starts with you. So, what is it going to be?

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