Spring has successfully arrived this year and clearly it has snuck up on us. In just a blink of an eye summer will be here. Now is the time to rid off that winter dust and bring in a new fresh mindset of goals, ideas, networks, and plans. 

When you think about the last past months of this year, what have you accomplished? What also have you changed? Whether that be mindset or whether that be life journies, what did you change or get better at? By sticking to your goals for a new year, you must remember to clear out the clutter. Spring clean out your doubts and frustrations. 


Rid out your doubts and frustrations 

By now you already tried some new year resolution and have already failed. There is something that you said that you were going to start and just haven’t done. Possibly out of fear or maybe frustrations from just not knowing where to start. Going into the second quarter of the year is all about sprinting into a new beginning. Let loose of whatever personal vendettas you have about your business, your life, or your career. Realize that mindset is completely what changes and creates that shift in your life. That is with everything that you do. You must clear yourself of any negativity that you provoke into yourself. The more you keep those thoughts of doubts or frustrations, the more you set yourself further back in succeeding at your goals. 


Throw away people in your network that give you bad vibes  

Part of the reason people are in your life is a reason or a season. Clearly, it’s spring and there probably are a few people that you can let go right now as you think about it. Not everyone deserves to travel the full journey with you. You have to know when some people are just at the end of the road. Not to say you are using people but more so knowing who and when to have as a network or person in your close circle. Sometimes you just might have too many people in your circle who aren’t meant to be. Let them go, Babes! Why hold on to someone who doesn’t encourage you, doesn’t motivate you, is only available for a select amount of time in your life, and also isn’t on the same goals page as you? Nothing makes more sense then ridding unnecessary clutter. Let room in for the people who truly uplift you and bring you nothing but positivity and happiness. That’s with everything in your life. You have to surround yourself with people who will ultimately allow you to soar. Think about everyone in your circle right now or even outside perimeters of your circle. Are they ALL helping you towards your goals? Are they ALL supporting your dreams? Have each one of them aided you without question or doubt? If not, “snip snip” *insert scissors here* 


Bring in things that give you peace and encouragement  

Spring cleaning is all about peace and cleanliness. Clean out your life of toxic things and inhale peace and encouragement. Get rid of that stank old EX who keep calling. Get rid of that trifling old friend who always asks you to come to her stuff but never come to yours. Accept in peace activities such as yoga, prayer, spa days, journaling, brainstorming, and spending time with just yourself to reflect on your life and growth. Bring in new techniques to tackle goals and dreams so that they can become a reality for you. Research ways for you to finish that certain project you been working on. Remember that you are ridding yourself of clutter but having to replenish yourself with all things amazing and fruitful. Cleaning out too much can leave you without at the end. Take your time in weeding out the right clutter and choose the best tools to start strong and carry on throughout the year unwaveringly. 


April is here and March brought us a wonderful Women’s Month! 2018 can be your Cardi B’s 2017 but you have to keep working at becoming bigger, better, wiser, and fiercer.  

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