Women’s Month is finally here and although everyday should be women’s empowerment and appreciation days, we still can accept a month as a way to bringing awareness to some of the most amazing and fierce things that we do on a day-to-day basis. From demanding our rights to demanding a moment of peace and quiet for a second at the end of the day, we as women do so much and at times are underappreciated. So, take this moment this March Women’s Month 2018 to pat yourself on the back, embrace a fellow Queen, and surround yourself with nothing but positive and empowering vibes. Here are a few new habits you can add on to your Women’s Month 2018 that will allow you to strut right out of March and into April feeling like the Queen you always wanted to be:

Create an atmosphere and area for yourself daily to mediate

Mediation is by far the best and most effective therapy treatments you can do for yourself. We go through so much as women, whether that is stress, home problems, relationships, work, or even friendships that we forget to self-medicate ourselves. Take a moment of your day to mediate and appreciate the life and the body you have. YOU ARE FREAKING AWESOME! And sometimes we forget to tell ourselves that. Sometimes we forget to take breaks and rest our mind and recoup. Meditation will take you there. By doing a couple of deep breaths for a few minutes you will begin to feel relaxed and in tune with your body and really begin to love and appreciate the skin you are in.

Get out there and be great, unapologetically!

Stop being shy and afraid to unleash. Whatever it was that you wanted to do this past year or incoming year, do what you wanted to do! Book that photoshoot. Put out that new song. Sing that verse incorrectly in the car while everyone is watching. Wear those heels just because it’s the third Tuesday in the month. Wear different color lipsticks every single day of the week. It’s you! And no one else can be you, but you! So why hold back on her? If you want to be friendlier or business savvy and need to go out and network and experience more at events and workshops, THEN DO IT! Stop doubting yourself and what you have to offer. The inner you just can’t wait to be released into the world. Let her out! Embrace your own self!

Schedule your goals and success

Stop saying you are too tired, too busy, or don’t know if it will fit in your schedule. Start being accountable and setting yourself up for productivity. Part of being a strong woman and Queen is having a track record of her legacy. Get those events and goals on your calendar and tackle them. Cancel out pointless parties and other engagement you know won’t benefit your goals, success, and over all being. Remember, if you don’t make time for something then you will ever have time for it. Make time for the success you want in your life. You have to be hungry, driven, and open for the opportunity. Look on Eventbrite for brunch, workshops, network events, and other great engagements to meet and grow deeper into your goals and life successes. March is all about spring and bringing in a new beginning, why not make your life the same way?

Create new habits and recite affirmations statements to yourself daily

Give yourself a list of new habits you can start that will give you a greater meaning to your life. Start by giving your fellow Queen a hug or compliment. Those go a long way. Our bond and sisterhood with other women is as only as strong as we make it. Tighten up and let a Queen know you care and you love her. See how you feel afterwards. It’ll feel amazing.

Tell yourself daily affirmations statements that you are enough, that you love yourself, and that you deserve all that this world has to offer. Loving yourself daily will not only mental change your mindset, but benefit and heal your soul of any self-doubt, low self-esteem, or self-worth issues.

Here are just a few to get you going:

·         Tell yourself everyday “I love and accept myself”

·         Hug yourself for 20 minutes in the morning

·         Make a list of things you love about yourself

·         Each night before bedtime write in your journal

·         Start the day with two minutes of meditation

·         Treat yourself to peace and quiet

·         Make it a priority to get 8 hours a sleep

·         Practice the art of saying “no”

·         Be of service as a volunteer, friend, and family member

·         Twerk like you have a Kim K butt and work at a strip club in Atlanta when you are feeling down

·         Compliment yourself as soon as you wake up

·         Stand up straight and tall and enter that room with confidence

·         Commit to doing your hair and makeup once a week and take a selfie

·         Buy yourself a gift that you know you deserve

·         Shut off your phone for an hour and read a book

·         Give yourself a day off to spend time with only you

·         Use soothing and healing oils and herbs as lotions, perfumes, and soaps

·         Write a love letter to yourself and frame it

·         Complete that project or goal you started

And there you have it! These few steps to bring in March Women’s Month 2018 will set you out for the rest of your life. If you never celebrated and participated in Women’s Month, now is your year. Celebrate yourself for being an amazing woman and a fierce she-warrior when the goings get tough. Happy Women’s Month 2018! Stay strong and down-right FREAKING awesome Queen!

Natalie NobleComment