Whether you have a blog, boutique, or even a service-based business, there is always ways to make money and to have it on a constant flow. Yes, this may sound like a complete hoax or hard, but it honestly is not. Being an entrepreneur means you must take risks, fail, and get back up with a trophy in your hand. Trial and error leads to accuracy in results. If you know a plan works and can work, why wouldn’t you use? You have your brand, you know its strong, but what is the next step to constantly making money on a regular basis. Here is how:


Contract or Subscription Services

If you know for a fact you put out great content and a useful amount of information, then hone in on your expertise and sell it. One of your goals as an entrepreneur should be to service others. If you know something and you do it well, add tax to your worth. Your blog can be for a secluded and targeted segment of your customers and you can charge a $5 subscription fee for your exclusive blogs and e-books that will be sent to their emails or on a password-blocked blog page. (HINT: Word-press allows you to create a user subscription portal for your blog)

If your clothing boutique is completely doing numbers and a lot of people are engaging in it based off your style, become a stylist and style your fans. The more personable you are as a stylist and insight that you have in the fashion industry, it will build enough trust when clients choose you as their stylist. For a service-based business, set up a yearly contract for your client to work with you. That way you can solidify income for a year in advance. Don’t just over a service and call it quits. Check in on that client and let them know your mentoring or oversee of the project or skill you just assisted them with can continue coming with an affordable monthly fee. Spice up your skills and sell them.

Host an event or search for monthly events to attend for more exposure

The key to making more money is bringing awareness to your brand. You know those email blast you get for networking events, pop-up shops, or other local gatherings? GO TO THEM. You never know who you might meet or who will need your product or your services. You can’t just always use the internet to market yourself. Get out in the community and other areas to make yourself known. If you’re at an event representing your brand, be sure to follow up on the people who said they would love to chat more or network. Send a cold email by letting them know what you offer and send them into that yearly contract when they become a client. If that’s not your route, sign up or host monthly pop-ups for your boutique if you are solely online. With proper promotion and publicity, it can turn out to be a great way to build consistency with your brand with the opportunities for the customers to physically see the product.

 You can even host an event that you charge an admission fee for. That can be a party, brunch, seminar/conference, or just a regular gathering that will be beneficial and necessary to charge a fee for. Huge conference and corporate events get most of their money from selling their knowledge and talking about how you can do something that they are an experts in. You can do the same thing. Book a free community room with the public library and host your event to the public. Put your event on Eventbrite and organize ticket sale funds with their accounting services. It’s just that simple.

Get partnerships or sponsors for your brand

Build a clientele list of people who will monthly need your services or products. Pitch an opportunity for another clothing boutique to take in your products on one rack. Have them buy products from you monthly. POW! You are now selling wholesale. If you are in a service-based business, offer a mentoring or series package for your services whether you do marketing, consulting, or public speaking. People will buy what they see is valuable. Make your brand valuable to possible investors and sponsors. Don’t forget to have a contract/terms & agreements to your partnership. You always want to make sure you have crossed all your “t’s” and dotted all your “I’s” when going wholesale or doing a partnership agreement with anyone. The biggest secret to keeping a heavy flow of income is contract and agreements. Someone is obligated by contract to pay you for whatever period you all would want it to be for. This will allow you to begin to have a constant flow of money and a way to truly track your income for the month.



 Building a constant income is hard and let’s be real here! Constant is not always constant. Something can change at any second and either increase or decrease the amount you make. But, with hard work, consistency, confidence in your brand and what you can deliver, you can truly begin to see the money pile up honey!




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