If your answer to that question was “no”… then what are you going to do about it? To truly see more production with my goals for my online business I had to be realistic with myself. I had to change my mindset and run my business accordingly. There is a cultural term called “basic chick”. My biggest fear is to be labeled as such. In order for me to do that, I had to constantly be better at being me, devote time to being a successful entrepreneur, and also had to create benchmarks and expectations for myself. Around the fourth quarter of the year, I do a self-assessment. These five POWER statements helped me get back on track and create a change in my business for the next year.

1.       Take Responsibility: Don’t play the blame game with your business. Own up to the fact that whatever didn’t happen for you with your business goals happened because you were not as focused on obtaining that goal. Take time to prepare yourself for what is to come for your goals and personal growth. You can’t expect a ball to roll if you don’t add force behind it. The first step to change is realizing you have a business problem that needs to be addressed. Or realizing that you have not met the goals and growth you wanted with your business. Address your issues or downfalls and be accountable.

2.       Work with what you have: Don’t get caught up in thinking that you have to re-invent the wheel. Work with what you have already and plan on making it better. Don’t compare yourself to what someone else is doing with their goals or their business. Focus on the success and growth of your business. Take a closer look at your finances for the year. Go your income statements, bank accounts, and invoices and look at your earnings. Determine how much cash you're losing and gaining on a monthly basis. If your income is lower than your business expenses, you’ll need to take immediate steps to slash your unnecessary spending and bone up on your income. Realize that buying so many promotional products, inventory, or unnecessary supplies can save you on tons of money. Realize that you may be giving out too much then what you have to. Not everyone deserves your time or a discount.   

3.       Make sacrifices: Take a moment and realize what you need to end in your life to do better the next year. That could be not allowing yourself to binge watch on Netflix and start writing that blog. I personally talk on the phone too much when I honestly could be doing market research for myself. I cherish those phone conversation but ultimately it's crunching in on my time I need. Don’t be afraid to tell people you can’t do something or you are not doing something anymore. Be selfish in obtaining your personal goals and business goals.

4.       Learn to love the hustle: Starting a business and running a business is not easy. Don’t believe the lie. There will be days you want to quit, start over, or just throw everything away and act like that business never happened. Setting a personal goal isn’t easy either. We quickly forget that we need to refresh our resume, network at an event, or even book that meeting to begin to execute a project we are working on. There is no way for to always love being busy or running a business. Learn to love what you do and find your passion in yourself. Having a positive attitude on something can completely change your perspective on the outcome. Fuel your brain with affirmative statements and feed your spirit with an execution of those goals. If your goal is to launch your business and run it successfully, then repeat to yourself that you can do this, and it will happen. Then, begin to schedule and plan out projects daily or weekly to make this dream a reality.

5.       Time is money: SERIOUSLY! Time does not stop for no one. Utilize every second you have to reach your goals and aspirations. You cannot wait for anything to happen. Nothing comes to a dreamer but a dream. For those who take action and get up and grind to get it, success happens in return. You have to PLAN, PLAN, PLAN! Your goals and growth won’t happen out the blue. Stop talking and being actually walking. Move in the direction of your growth and set benchmarks quarterly throughout the year to assess your growth.  

The main goal in self-assessing yourself or your business is to see your result and your production. Following these five steps will only inspire you, you still have to put this 5 step action plan into place. The year isn’t over yet and you haven’t stopped moving yet. FINISH THE YEAR OUT STRONG

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