There is so much hype right now on entrepreneurship. So many people are looking to start a business or have started a business and are calling themselves entrepreneurs, but are they really? Are you actually a business owner or are you a pyramid-schemer? Are you a boss or just hustling to make a dollar?

According to Webster dictionary, an entrepreneur is a person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on greater than normal financial risks in order to do so.


A hustler/seller is an aggressively enterprising person or a go-getter. Usually to win money from them.


Those parts are so important to understanding the difference between a hustler and an entrepreneur. Financial sacrifice and business operations versus plotting and money seeking. What is most upsetting is the confusion of hustlers thinking they are entrepreneurs. Or sellers posing as life coaches instead of sellers. The reason you should be in business is not to sell or to make the next amount of money. Although that is one part of it, it is not the only and most definitely not the most important. Resolving some problems/issues, breaking down a societal barrier, and having a social responsibility that ultimately leads to a cash flow is why you should be an entrepreneur. These "get rich quick" schemes, pyramid schemes, or even the “I made $1,000 off 1 email, let me teach you how” schemes are tainting and killing the vibe on entrepreneurs.

I did not become an entrepreneur to still work for someone else, to get to a certain tier to make money I could possibly earn, or because I knew it was money in the industry despite my knowledge or having a great sales tactic. I started my businesses because it was my passion and my love to provide amazing products and services that gave my clients more than just satisfaction. It gives them confidence and that confidence will last more than any hustlers product they are trying to sell.

A hustler/seller is focused on money. They will try every which way to find their money and make a buck. They can take advantage of you and you won’t even know how they did it. They are skilled at what they do and will draw you into a sell that you may not even necessarily need.

The entrepreneur will look at all aspects of their customer and begin to analyze whether or not this is aligned with their brand before they pitch any product to them. An entrepreneur doesn’t focus on the money, they focus on visibility, loyalty, and growth. A hustler has a tunnel vision on money success while an entrepreneur looks at nothing but innovation and change. An entrepreneur makes moves as a leader and functions daily as if their business is a fortune 500 company. A hustler just functions on the next sales tactic to bring in the next big dollar.

The difference between an entrepreneur and a hustler levels down to the focus and the purpose.

Entrepreneurs are not worried about losing a customer and saying no to improper brand placements. Hustlers will work with ANYONE and do not care about how their brand is looking to others because they know SOMEONE will buy it eventually. An entrepreneur sets a budget and works on perfecting it. They have a business plan and nothing they do does not resort right back to those guidelines and procedures in the business plan. A hustler is not concerned with planning as they live for the moment and go with the flow.

Know the difference in this new age of entrepreneurs and see the real from the fake. Entrepreneurship was not at all what I thought it was cracked up to be. I thought it was a life of complete freedom but in all totality, I am still waking up early driven to service my clients. I am living in my passion but still, am putting in hard work because I know that this is my brand that I want to have as my legacy.

As an entrepreneur or personal brand, take a deep look into your goals, focus, and vision for your brand. Stop thinking that there is so much money to be made. There is money out there for everyone. You will get yours. Don’t chase after the dollar. Let the dollar chase you. You have to be confident in what your offer, what you can do, and also what you charge. Do not result into a hustler mentality thinking that this will lead you and guide you to that long-lasting cash flow. IT WILL NOT! You have to add value, add purpose, and function as an organization and not a sales team. Yes, sales are a part of the business but there are so much more to even get that customer to take an interest into you. Don’t puff up your brand and then give them something generic. Strong brands have strong foundations to aid in their process and success in the industry.

Be an entrepreneur and not a hustler. Hustle within your entrepreneurship but don’t make that hustle change your title. You own your brand. Let your title be an entrepreneur and business owner, NOT HUSTLER. Value your brand and value the pride of being an entrepreneur. You will thank yourself for embracing your brand and focusing on the things that matter. Your brand!

Natalie NobleComment