I recently was asked how do I become so confident with all the things I have going on. I was told I had a “never cared” kind of attitude and continued to shine through negativity. But honestly, I didn’t really know how I became confident. I felt I was always doubting my dreams and goals.

I'vebeen in situations in the past where I've doubted my own abilities when being surrounded by incredibly talented and successful people. I've wondered if I'm good enough. I've wondered if I know my own field as much as theirs, I've wondered if I really know my purpose as much as they do, I've felt like an imposter and wondered if I really deserved to be there.

That's why I know confidence is one of the most important things you can work on.

I made the decision to find my confidence and put a lot of time into working out how.

If you're feeling the same way or know you could still work on boosting your confidence slightly more, I wanted to share with you these 5 tips I did to stay confident.


How to have more confidence:

1. Decide to have it. 

Make it an intention. You don’t need to achieve anything more, you simply need to decide to feel and generate confidence on a more consistent and conscious basis.

2. Live with integrity for who you are and what you believe. 

When you are being fully alive and authentic and true to yourself, you feel confident.

3. Get more competent. 

Go gather more knowledge, skill, and abilities in the areas that you are passionate about and need to perform well in. More competence = more confidence.

4. Get momentum. 

Take more action. Life isn’t about perfection it’s about progress. The more action you take the more progress you’ll sense and the more confident you’ll feel that you are on path.

5. Surround yourself with positive, supportive people. 

If you don’t have a supportive community, go create one. No excuses. A positive peer set will help you feel more confident.


If you're lacking confidence in your ability, tip number three is life-changing. I love the quote:


✨ "Get SO good that they can't help but listen AND take notes." ✨

...if you're that good, you'll never doubt your ability.

We admire people that are incredibly competent and experts in their field. What's stopping you from getting to that level?

Whether it takes 10 months or 10 years, mastering your abilities is never, ever a waste of time.

Oh, and it's completely in your control.



Natalie NobleComment