When people think of "figuring my life out", automatically they assume they are a part of that category. But honestly, let's break this down. 


In a viral Oprah video, she discusses how her success was so much greater once she canceled out people who weren't bringing her positivity, growth, and success in her life. As much as this video was shared, some people still aren't taking away the true message. Oprah knew her worth. She knew her destiny and she knew what she wanted to do. She had no time for naysayers or people who just didn't understand her reason behind her grind. The reason being is they weren't like-minded as her to see the power in self-proclaiming your worth, networking till you achieve your goal, and working hard daily to continue to be greater. That means getting rid of friends and even family who don't see your vision or a vision within themselves. 

We have all came across an individual who is still getting their life together. Haven't completed that degree yet. Haven't found a job yet. Or are still figuring things out for years. These people are complacent in their lives to only be at the bare minimum with achieving their goals or finding out who they are. The damage in this is at times we feel like this person will EVENTUALLY figure it out, or that they just need a little more time to figure it out. We often hear the saying "oh, you will figure it out" or "you're young, you have time" or "you're in your 20s, where you're just figuring everything out as an adult". These very words that are so cliche trap us in thinking it's okay to not have everything figured out or it's okay not to know your purpose and what you want to do in life. By hanging around people with such an open-minded mentality on being a free spirit at life and just going with the flow, we separate ourselves from the true like-minded individuals we need to be around. 

For example, you're an entrepreneurial thinker in a support group filled with corporate clones. Let's say one day you see a group of entrepreneurs flourishing and succeeding at being amazing business owners. You pitch the idea to start a business to your support group and get a terrible feedback because their mindset is stuck on working a 9-5. They do not see the potential in your goal because they haven't experienced it, have fears of quitting their consistent income, or heard that entrepreneurship is hard. By remaining in this support group, you will never get to those like-minded individuals because you will begin to internalize what your support group is telling you. This meaning, if you surround yourself with individuals who never find their meaning in life, or don't have any goals, and are always figuring life out, then you will be a product of your environment. This is why mentor-ships and separating/categorizing your friends or support group are so important. Surround yourself with individuals who truly want to see you grow and know you can do it because they are doing it or have done it. 

Changing your support system and adding in new empowering and encouraging individuals who truly can support your goals and help you obtain them is the key to getting rid of "figuring life out" friends. Surround yourself with people whose goals are just as big as yours and their grind is just as hard as yours. 

Natalie NobleComment