Yes! There are 24 hours in a day but let’s be real, WE ARE NOT BEING PRODUCTIVE THE ENTIRE 24 HOURS. Hopefully at least 6-8hours of that is sleep. Even that statement comes with a chuckle. Almost unrealistic for some people’s schedules. But, there are ways to be more productive. You can tackle every plan you have had on your agenda for the day and feel more energized and less stressed. I was running around like a chicken with her head cut off before I began to plan out and execute a schedule for every single one of my days. The big shocker was, the key to me being more productive and active in my day was right at my fingertips.

Utilize your phone calendar

As tedious as it sounds, it can become a habit that saves you a ton of sanity. Schedule your task ahead of time on your calendar. Set reminders to stay alert and organized with all your projects. If you have a smartphone with the similar features as Siri, you can prompt the voice-response system to create your reminders and appointments by just speaking. I do this often if I know I am unable to physically schedule something quickly on my phone. What is also beneficial with the smartphone, specifically iPhones, you can have multiple calendars to schedule from per your email accounts. This helps if you may have a personal email and school email calendar that you want to keep separate. Use the features on your phone to better suit you. If you aren’t so familiar or personally just don’t like the calendar on your phone, download other apps in the app store that give you great features.

Create a TDL (to-do list)

This is my guns and butter for keeping myself together. ESPECIALLY FOR MY BUSINESSES. Time is extremely important, and you cannot afford to waste it. If you are a busy bee or a business owner like me, you must constantly keep track of things and the time of day. Something so simple can slip from within your reach if you don’t keep tabs on it. I can’t even tell you how many small gatherings or little task I forgot before organizing my schedule. Begin creating to-do lists for each one of your huge projects and began knocking those them off your task list. I noticed that having all my items organized, scheduled and cohesive made my day more productive and gave me SO MUCH MORE TIME. It even gave me so much more clarity to reaching my goals. Daily, you will begin to see how close you are to completing your daily goals.

Set Daily Goal

Set yourself up for success. If you have listened to my Episode 2 #BiznessBabe Podcast, you will know I am always talking about goal-setting! I feel like I am the spokesperson for goals 😊

Daily goal-setting is one of the best things you can do for your life. If you do not have time for something, you will never have time for it. You must have time for yourself every day to make sure you are hitting your milestones for your bigger plan. Great people think, BUT, successful people plan. Put your thoughts into action by setting a realistic goal for your day that you know you can achieve. Analyze your goals by tracking how well you are keeping up with your weekly goals. I have monthly, weekly, and daily goals and all of those coincide with each other. Get into a habit and mindset to be more organized, more productive and to set more goals in your life.


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