Plenty of times we hear people talking about having a plan B. Plan A doesn’t always save us from our failures and to have a backup plan. Throughout our lives, if we really consider this theory, we focus on and repeat the saying “always have a plan B” in our head. 

After trial and error, and failure at a plan B. I no longer believe in having a plan B. Sometimes plan B’s don’t work just as a plan A doesn’t. So what’s the point of having it if it doesn’t work? Why must we train ourselves to have a plan B? DONT HAVE A PLAN B. And I'm going to tell you why. 


Instead of giving up on becoming that unicorn (amazingly unique, rare, and magical feminine force) try figuring out why it’s not working and retry it with a new approach. Plan B is sometimes believed as forgetting the plan A completely and starting anew. It’s not. Focus closely and attentively to what plan A is and set goals continuously to get it. If you set yourself up for success, you will achieve it. 


If you plan to achieve plan A the first time you attempt it, then it’s possible to not have a plan B because you are succeeding without it. Get out that mindset that something just won’t work and you have to expect failure. Grind, strive, and be hungry in obtaining your plan A. Create daily, monthly, and annual goals to achieve plan A. Don’t let these plans be written down and not executed. Within that goal, plan goals to obtain your plan A. Don’t let it go so easily!


Don’t settle for failure! Mentally be ready to never give up on your goals. Your plan A is obtainable if you believe it is. If you believe that giving up on plan A is the only option, you’ll never gain that goal that you had for it. Having a plan B makes you think that your plan A isn’t reachable sometimes and that you might want to think of another route. Instead, don’t settle for a "no" from your plan A. Only take yes’s from yourself in obtaining your goals and know that you CAN do it and you WILL do it 

There is nothing wrong with you still wanting a plan B. Some people prefer it. But the moral of this blog is to get you to train your brain to think that everything you dream of is going to come to fruition instead of planning for a failure. There is no time for failure or time to give up! Look your plan A straight in the face and go for it! 


My plan B is :  Go back to plan A  

Natalie NobleComment