Over time I have always found myself falling back into the traps of laziness and tiredness. Working, parenting, and owning a business means having a scattered schedule and can easily place you in a mindset of losing motivation. When I realized I was in this un-motivational funk, I knew I had to do something to reboot myself. If my business fails, I fail. That was not an option. Here are 4 ways to stay motivated as an entrepreneur from my perspective and real life:



Whenever I feel like my business is at its wit's end and I'm doing everything I can to make it flourish, I look at why I started and my original goals for myself as the owner. Going over the mission statement and purpose of my business helps me remember the exact feeling I had when I first had the idea. I analyze whether or not I have completed all the task and responsibilities for the year that I wanted. It's refreshing your mind to go back to square one. You may feel as though it is nothing further to contribute to your business and that you have done everything you could. There is always room for more and there is always room for growth. Nothing is wrong with rebooting yourself once every now and then. 



Sometimes we can be unmotivated because it is the same routine of things. It gets repetitive, boring, and the same. Your business can become a bore or a hassle for you. There is no fun in that. The reason you started was because of your passion for what you do and the services you offer. I'm always revamping my website or finding a social responsibility to pinpoint to stir the focus of my businesses. It can be so small as to adding a blog or new photo on your website. Anything to grab the attention to a new customer or even yourself. Find a new meaning or task for your business to serve. Blogs are an amazing way to reach out to clients and allow them to be familiar with your communication and advice. 



I am a huge fan of yoga and positive vibes. You can never go wrong with a good stretch every day and a positive quote to get you on the move. I love being able to control my mood and my happiness by doing one simple step. I found myself OVERWHELMED, TIRED, and a NERVOUS WRECK trying to be a mom, student, fulltime worker, and business owner. I know they say we have the same hours as Beyoncé but let's be honest, WE ARE NOT BEYONCÉ!!! I'm frankly trying to be like Oprah. Oprah consistently is motivating, inspiring, and uplifting her spirits through her viewers and her works. Her brand is by far the most successful as I have seen by just TALKING. Try speaking things into existence. Know that you can't get to the next step with your business and that you will find that breakthrough. 



Don't give yourself the benefit of the doubt. You will get complacent and won't progress on if you think where you are now is comfortable. NEVER GET COMFORTABLE! Always look for the next trend, the next step, and the next combo to your business being exposed. I am the queen of instant messaging other entrepreneurs to network and collab. I have always been that way. I realized that me just being cordial and reaching out, peaks an interest in another person to take a look at what I do. BE FEARLESS! There should be no shy bone in your body when it comes to your goals and your business. Fight for your success like you are fighting for your life. You can't take no for an answer and every punch that knocks you down, get back up and finish the fight. It's never over until you say it is. Don't allow negative thinking, excuses, and your comfortability take you to a level of unproductiveness. 


It took years for me to honestly find this resolution to my loss of motivation. This is what worked for me. It may be completely different for you or your life as I am constantly forcing myself towards new goals. But it is a start to the journey of motivation. 



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